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Weekly Meditation/Reading

Psalms 42: 1-2

The writer here in Psalms says his soul is thirsty for the living God and he pants for God like a deer pants for the water brook. A deer runs and runs and begin to pant (breathe hard) trying to find water. We as Christians go through so many heartaches, trials and tribulations trying to live right and do what God is saying; in doing this we too grow thirsty for relief. We then too must look for our water who is: our Living God. God has a way of quenching our thirst and allowing us to catch our breath, so we don't die and become overwhelm.

In times of times of trouble, how do you find relief? Have you prayed and said, "God I am thirsty for you?" This week begin to tell God you are thirsty for Him and watch what happen, when you pray sincerly. I know a lot of people who are thirsty (craving) for a Dr. Pepper or a Coke, but how many people do you hear saying, "I am thirsty for Jesus?"

Healing The Nations

Bishop Desmond Booker

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